Self Help.

Most of self help books really work to some degree, you just need to put in practice what the say, consistently, with discipline, patience and a “no bullshit” attitude towards yourself and the tools you are using.

You can not rely on quick fix solutions, because the results you get won´t last long enough.

Trust me on this, I´ve done it in the past, and I´ve seen happen many, many times with friends and students.

So, if you are reading a self help book now, or listening as an audio book, put in on practice right away, record your goals, your strategies, results and setbacks on a notebook ( a physical notebook, please, not an app) and give it shot for two or three months totally comitted.

If you do that, there is no way you won´t notice a positive change in your life.

Thanks for reading, XO XO Juan.

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