The Moon.

Here is a little hint for you: The Moon is not the positive and beautiful influence that these days a lot of people believe.

A lot of people feels connected with the Moon through their crystals, amulets and some women connect through their monthly cycle.

Because they have been sold the idea that the Moon is all beauty and positive energy.

But it is not.

Please follow these ideas with me:

The Sun represents the male energy of the universe, without the sun there will be no life on Earth.

Earth, is the feminine cosmic principle, without her, there will be no life for us humans, period.

So, where, when and how the moon, became the symbol for feminine energy?

Earth gives life, is fertile and nurtures all living creatures, with her feminine energy, just like women do.

The Moon is a sterile celestial body in space, it has no green life, no animals, no breathable atmosphere like earth. How a place or an object like that can be the symbol or the engine or feminine energy?

The Sun gives life through his light and warmth and also nurtures all creatures as well, as men do.

The Moon, unlike the Sun, has no light of her own, any light that she sends to Earth is reflected from the Sun.

So, how the hell is the Moon the go-to option to charge your magical crystals? If she has no light, she holds no life and you have the Sun ALWAYS there for you? And the Sun has been there nurturing your home planet and your body for more than 7000 years?

Or think of the Earth, her feminine energy is an esencial part of you and your body.

Wouldn’t Earth be a much better option for charging crystals, amulets and connecting with the feminine energy of the Universe?

Think about it.

XO XO Juan.

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