And where energy goes, things grow.

So, don’t let your mind go where you don’t want things to grow, send it to where it is useful and will create greater good for you.

At the beginning it can be a little tricky, but as you get used to do ti, it gets a lot easier.

You have to pay attention to the thoughts that arise in automatic in your mind, If you perceive a thought that is harmful to you, that is harmful to others, that deviates you from your goals and well being, immediately change it for another thought.

Any thought.

Better if you can change the “unwise” thought for a thought that is useful for you, that fills you with power or ease or creativity or moves you closer to what you want to achieve.

If you practice this, you will be able to choose your thoughts as easy as you choose your clothes.

Thanks for reading.

XO XO Juan.


Author: juan silva

Coach de wellness-doodle maker-instructor en Linkedin

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