I have realized that of my problems can be solved by being 100% present in the now.

Sounds as a cliché but it is truth.

If I am truly here and now, with total awareness:

  1. It is less likely to lose my temper with someone, because I can see all the thoughts and feeling arising and disappearing.
  2. It is much easier to eat clean and healthy because I am aware of what I am feeding my body with.
  3. The probabilities of over spending are really low, because I am not just reacting to my whims or cravings.
  4. A blog post is more fun to write because I enjoy each part of the activity: the typing, the thinking, the editing.

So, my goal is to stay like this at least 6 times a day, with the idea to achieve the whole day at some point in the near future.

It is worth the try.

Thanks for reading.

XO XO Juan.

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