Little (BIG) Advice.

Sometimes I feel that for my life to be beautiful and awesome it needs to have BIG events and milestones.

But when I give it some thought I realize it is not necessary like that.

Life can be pretty awesome if we put extra attention to the ordinary, as Austin Kelon says.

So I decided to put in practice this 4 ideas (or the ones I can at the moment) at least twice a week.

Try need foods.

It Doesn´t have to be an exotic food at an expensive restaurant.

it can be a small taco place you never tried before, it can be a new recipe for something you already eat.

The point is to expose yourself to new flavors on a regular basis, so your brain gets a kick of variety and gets new information that sparks new neuronal connections.

Enjoy the lights.

Almost every city has night lights from advertising, public lights and cars or roads.

Spend 5 minutes enjoying the colors and the patterns, with some extra attention and open mind it can be a good opportunity to contemplate beauty.

Enjoy Nature.

It doesn´t have to be a trip to the Niagara Falls or to a big national park.

A small park or little city garden can give you some natural space to enjoy the emotional and psychological benefits of sitting on the grass or being near to a tree.

Change your point of view.

Here I don´t mean to put in the other person´s shoes, which is great and really helpful, in this case I mean literally changing your point of view.

Walk to a place and use another sidewalk or rout when possible.

Contemplate for a couple of minutes the place you live in from another physical point of view, it can be from the sidewalk in front, from a bridge or from your corner for example, pay attention to little details and to how the picture you have from the place you live can be a little different depending on where you stand and the amount of attention you put.

At the very least, it is worth the try.

Thanks for reading.

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