3 Powerful Benefits Of Meditation.

Source: My own experience and Forbes.

I have been practicing meditation on a daily basis for the last 27 years. During this time I have seen a lot of benefits, some of them pretty obvious, others not so much.

The top three benefits are the ones in the picture above.

Meditation promotes creativity for many reasons, but the main one is this: when the brain is given time in silence and has none or limited exposure to outer stimuli, such as the cellphone, social media or noise, the brains has more resources available to find more creative solutions to the problems and situations that it has been exposed too.

When you sit to meditate daily, you give your brain a boost on RAM memory, so to speak.

Meditation also increases self awareness, because when you meditate daily, you exercise the ability to notice what arises in your mind´s screen (yes, almost every human has a mental flat screen, smart tv connected to the 10G wifi of the subconscious mind) and what is broadcasting your “mental radio” (also all humans have an inner voice or voices inside their them, who create positive or negative internal dialogue, yes, even mentally sane people have one or more voices in their head).

And with this ability comes the awareness of the self capable of perceiving thoughts, emotions and sensation, as they arise. You realize, you are not your thoughts and emotions, even though they do affect how you perceive the world and yourself.

Finally, meditation improves sleep because once the brain is trained to stop worrying and ruminating thoughts it allocates new resources to rest and regeneration, because is no longer on fight or flight mode.

If you are already a regular meditation practitioner, congratulations, you have experienced these wonderful effects already.

if you have not tried meditation, find a meditation class near you, try it with and app and please stay tuned to my stuff, because I am working in four guided meditations for beginners (in english and español) they should be ready for the mid Jun.

Thanks for reading.

XO XO Juan.


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