It Sucks To Be a Human.

Sometimes it sucks to be a human.

If you see it from the perspective that we live in a body that needs daily maintenance, that for sure is getting old, that it is going to be sick sometimes, it is going ache and for sure, it is going to die, you may think that being a human sucks, big time.

At least I do think so, when I just see things under that lens.

But, this is important, I can change the way I see things, and so can you.

I decide to, yes, acknowledge all that I mentioned above, and also think that having a human body is great and unique opportunity to experience the world, to create stuff and enjoy the information and stimuli that my body and brain receives.

I decide to curate my own life experience through the lens of pure joy, bliss, awe and present moment attention.

Of course, bad shit still happens, but I decide to see it through that lens too, so I can learn about those experiences too, and complain less.

In my case, is about turning off my “inner bitch” you complains and whines about the coffee being cold, about not getting this his or her way and about all the downs in life.

And I believe you can choose which lens to use to see your life and to create your own story.

It it not about running away from problems, it is about consciously choosing and curating your thoughts and attitudes towards life.

You have one shot at this body, in this moment in time, in this circumstances, and so do I, lets get the most out of it, and lets live life so fully, so present, so in awe, that life will tired when we decide to say “bye, bye” and toggle off the coil.

Thanks for reading. XO XO Juan.

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