Training your creativity implies training your ability to see things as they can be, not just as they are now.

A painter sees a blank canvas and also sees her work created on that canvas.

A sculptor sees a block of marble and is also capable of seeing a finished statue.

Or think of a musician who sees a blank piece of paper and also sees the notes she is going to write to create a melody.

And it applies every area of our lives.

Think of a mum or a dad who is about to cook a delicious meal for the family and has all the ingredients on the table, she and he are capable of seeing the ingredients as well as the final result.

Now think of your life and my life, if you are able to see your life as it is now and at the same time see it (in your mind) as a life with more exciting activities, more prosperity, love and wisdom, then chances are that you WILL create that life.

Same for your projects, if you can see clearly the final result, as well as your start point, and you keep that vision in your mind as you apply your strategies with discipline and hard work, you will be able to create major and positive changes in your life, in any area you want.

So, I suggest you exercise your imagination daily, in every way you can, so when you need it for a project or a life changing decision, it will be ready for you.

Thanks for reading.

XO XO Juan.


Author: juan silva

Coach de wellness-doodle maker-instructor en Linkedin

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