I really like the way Buddhist Teachings approach loving kindness and compassion, because is a tough and challenging approach, that gives tremendous dividends once you invest your time practicing it.

To really have loving kindness and compassion for everyone means two things.

First it means to have compassion and loving kindness for the people that I like and for the people that are victims. This one is more or less easy.

Second, it means to have loving kindness and compassion also for the people who do harmful and horrible things, like kidnappers and abusers.

Yes, that is a hard one, but that is no reason to avoid the idea.

There are two key ideas to consider before I can have loving kindness and compassion for the harmful people, the perpetrators and the abusers.

One: I have love and compassion for the person, as a human being.

Two: I do not have love for his or her ignorant and harmful actions.

And finally, I wish for her or him to find peace of heart, to be free of ignorance and to change their thoughts and actions, for their own wellbeing, for the wellbeing of all the people around them and for us humans all.

If you take this ideas to heart, you will stop drinking your own poison, which you create every time you get angry or hate or have ill will towards someone who is harmful for you or the world.

Remember, getting angry and hating someone or something is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die.

Thanks for reading.

XO XO Juan.


2 thoughts on “Love.

  1. Great ideas, may I add one or two please? There is never too much love.

    We have love and compassion for others including people who do bad things because we know that 1. Everyone is suffering including them and we all have made mistakes 2. We are all interconnected, all beings have been our mothers in the past. 3. Love and compassion is for all beings not just people, animals insects and any beings quality here.
    Have a great day!



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