Cool or not cool.

My daily practice is very boring for today´s Instagram or Facebook or any social network standards.

I sit to meditate every day in front of the same shrine, every day.

I follow the Buddhist principles, known as Dharma, every day.

I practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong, every day too.

I train boxing, every day too.

I journal every day,I draw everyday I go to my job everyday.

I manage my mental pictures and my mental dialogue, also everyday.

I am grateful everyday.

All those things allow me to be happy by choice, they also allow me to be my best version and they had helped me to overcome a lot of obstacles, pitfalls and personal challenges.

No fancy trips to foreign countries to find my spiritual guide, no fancy gym to train and take pictures of my gains, no cool cars or clothing to show off.

After five years of marketing my tools to atract people to my workshops and coaching sessions I realizaed a hard truth: most people preffer to pay for quick-fix-not so effective tools with a fancy wrap than paying for an effective tool, with a just good presentation.

Sounds like a rant, and maybe it is, but my main point here is that if you find a coach that you like, try to pass through the fancy photos and cool story and investigate his or her tools and experience, because in the end that is what really matters.

Thanks for reading. XO XO Juan.


Author: juan silva

Coach de wellness-doodle maker-instructor en Linkedin

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