Welcome to my personal photo gallery.

I love to freeze moments so I can share and remember better what I was feeling when the action captured on frame happened.

I am not a professional photographer, but I´ve been fascinated by the art of photography since I was a little kid, my father was a great amateur photographer, one of my younger cousins is a professional photographer for National Geographic and Nikon and my younger sister takes amazing pictures of nature and very old mexican traditions and ceremonies, so I think photography is in the family.

Enjoy! 🙂

Sayulita Beach.

Yin (feminine, soft and introvert aspect of the universe) and Yang (masculine, hard and extrovert aspect of the universe) is a common theme in my photos.

In this photos, Yin is the water flowing around the rock, and the rock is Yang. In other cases Yin is the sky and the rock is Yang.

Also, in most of my photographs I attempt to freeze a moment so the camera allows us to see details and textures that normally would escape our eye.

Like the water splashing on the rock or wrapping a rock on the sand.

All photos were shot with a Neffos Phone Camera. Pretty awesome camera on a simple phone.

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Urban Espresso Shots.